Tank Trouble 2

Short review of Tank Trouble 2

Hello to our seasoned tankers. I said experienced, because the will of enjoying Tank Trouble 2 brought you and this usually means that you have mastered the first component. The sport discovered such a great achievement that the developers did not wait much about doing the next part. Unfortunately this edition of the game does not bring anything new. Not only that, but takes some interesting things from part one. I see your enormous disappointment, but continue for a moment. The second part is not that bad. It’s similar to an effortless manner of the first one. Here we only have 3 and 2 player modes. Therefore, the weapons got into the great cut, also. At your service there are: homing missile, Gatling gun, laser gun and frag bomb. Everything has remained unchanged. It’s still great old labyrinth drifting game where rapid response and sharp eye determine the result.
If you are a new comer into Tank Trouble 2 series, I’ll describe what will it be all about. You spawn at a maze alongside your own enemy. Move closer to the competition so it is possible to fire. The shot does not have to be direct. Your shell could bounce off almost any wall for many times. Furthermore, there are no hit points on this match, meaning that it’s like a duel in western films. Who hits, wins! The labyrinths can differ in size. Some may appear huge, while others might be so little that the round will finish in no time. Remember that you and your opponent don’t always predominate in the different parts of the map. Sometimes you might encounter right alongside each other and at such situation, higher response speed is the key to the victory.

Tank Trouble 2 Unblocked

What can I say? If you like the first part, you will find this one interesting, as well, but it will not give you the same feeling of excitement. Cheer up tanker! It is not the end. You can find part 1 on this website, as well as, part 3 and 3 swf.

Controls (Player 1, Player 2, Player 3)

Move the tank – Arrow keys, E/S/D/F, mouse.
Fire – M, Q, LMB – Fire